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10 June 2022

The Gallerygate Emerging Artist Prize 2022 @ The Gallerygate, Online, UK

This competition is open to all ages and all abilities. All 2d and 3d mediums including fine art, ceramics, sculpture, digital media, textiles, illustration, mixed media etc.

First Place - Gallery Gate Prize £500
Second Place - One to watch £250
Third Place -  publics choice £100

Eloise Schoeman was awarded Second Place, One to Watch out of the streamlined top 30.

Go to The Gallerygate page to see more:

The Gallerygate.


4 April - 4 May 2022

Curious Minds @ The Flux Review, Virtual Exhibition

We love visiting physical exhibitions and arranging events in collaboration with  However, we understand the need for artists to share their work and art lovers to discover, enjoy and collect work differently – especially during times where restrictions make arrangements more difficult.

This project will enable artists and art enthusiasts to connect virtually. Visitors to the online exhibition will be able to navigate around the space or take a guided tour.  If artwork is selected, information will be visible about the artwork, artist and links to the artist’s website.

View Curious minds by following the link:

The Flux Review: Curious minds

new grooves.jpg

13 - 21 Aug 2021

New Grooves @ Blaze Image Gallery London

New Grooves Gallery began in November 2020, during the second UK lockdown, in response to the mass interest and discovery of creative well-being. Using their platform, individuals of any background can share their creations, alongside their story/experience with art, in an inclusive and welcoming space.

This August, Blaze Image Gallery will host an in person exhibition showcasing the work of these individuals over the last year

2021-02-24 12.34.46 1.jpg

15 Feb 2021 -  28 Mar 2021

Gautrain @ the various Gautrain stations across Gauteng.

In support of Eloise Schoeman's work in her recent exhibition LIGHT YEARS with Lizamore & Assoc. Gautrain showed her works across their various marketing platforms within their train stations.


LIGHT YEARS is a duo exhibition featuring the works of fine art photographer Marnus Strydom and fine art painter eloise schoeman. The show encapsulates fleeting moments; moments you share with loved ones or strangers and personal moments that are a shared universal experience. They create their own realities in which they capture and hold a feeling long after it has passed.


Aug 27 - Sept 24 2020

#ALLWOMXNMATTER with Art@Africa and Julie Miller African Contemporary Gallery.

This exhibition responds to the foremost concern by taking into account that as we move towards a better world that constructs gender the same way for everyone, we are saying all womxn matter.

The show, which will take place at the gallery as well online during August will feature the top 100 artists’ artworks online and the top 50 artists’ artworks will be exhibited at @artatafrica , in Cape Town and @art_juliemiller Miller in Johannesburg.


2 Aug - 15 Aug 2019

The Unbearable Lightness of Being with Trent Gallery

“Indeed, the only truly serious questions are ones that even a child can formulate. Only the most naive of questions are truly serious. They are the questions with no answers. A question with no answer is a barrier that cannot be breached. In other words, it is questions with no answers that set the limit of human possibilities, describe the boundaries of human existence.” Milan Kundera

“Einmal ist keinmal, says Tomas to himself. What happens but once, says the German adage, might as well not have happened at all. If we have only one life to live, we might as well not have lived at all.”
― Milan Kundera


25 May - 28 May 2022

Binding: Attachment and Identity @ Leadworks, Plymouth, UK

This coming Wednesday 25/5 from 5-8 pm at @leadworksplymouth , Meredith Moyers is putting on a show with five other wildly talented artists. It’s a mix of ceramics, painting, installation, film, photography, and maybe some other stuff!

All works are connected through ideas around attachment and identity. 


21 - 25 Feb 2022

Conversations With Myself @ The Project Space 1, PCA

Navigating womanhood is a journey that is unique to every self-identifying woman. The conversations you have with yourself while you're experiencing womanhood tends to go unvocalized and looked past with a sense of unimportance. In this exhibition, 5 artists are sharing their analysis of their own experience; each Artist highlights their view of not only what it is to be a woman but what their practice has unfolded in this journey of self and societal inquiry. 


Elisha Cox
Leah-May Jewitt
Emily Roach Osborne
Eloise Schoeman 
Jane Walker

immitation of life.jpg

1 May - 31 Aug  2021

Imitation of Life @ Lizamore & Assoc. Gallery

This exhibition is about storytelling - your experiences over a lifetime of growing up, falling in love, raising children, building a career, stumble blocks, wonderful invigorating experiences, and growing old.

Online Exhibition.

LIGHT YEARS walkabout banner.jpg

03 Feb 2021 -  06 Mar 2021

LIGHT YEARS @ Lizamore & Associates Gallery. 3 Hetty Ave, Fairland, Randburg.

LIGHT YEARS is a duo exhibition featuring the works of fine art photographer Marnus Strydom and fine art painter eloise schoeman. The show encapsulates fleeting moments; moments you share with loved ones or strangers and personal moments that are a shared universal experience. They create their own realities in which they capture and hold a feeling long after it has passed.

Both artists have found a commonality in their process. Strydom is an analogue photographer working with the intricate editing process of a negative and schoeman uses digital photography as a basis for her paintings. They work with vivid colours and play around with intricate lighting to create a nostalgic feeling.


Sept 1 - Sept 26 2020


Joburg Fringe 2020 opens Tuesday 1 September @theartroomparkhurst.
Join us all day to view 48 artworks by 26 artists. A panel of 11 judges selected their favourites from nearly 300 entries.
On display you’ll find a variety of mediums as means of expression by an emerging crop of artists. The open call has netted a diverse group from self-taught artists to university graduates. Entries were received from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nigeria and Europe.



8 April 2022

2:3 @ Wet Dove Tail, Virtual Exhibtion

The event will also take place in the online gallery that will feature a number of artists in the same style as our previous season of digital events you can find on our website, or alternatively searching WetDovetail in to google.

The events are scheduled to take place on 11th March for the digital show and 12th March for the in-person event. We will be watching for new Covid restrictions.

View 2:3 Exhibition by following the link:

Wet Dove Tail: 2:3

Mid-stream poster.jpg

17 Feb 2022

Mid-Stream @ 45 regent street, PCA

Thursday 17 Feb, 5-8pm in the Warehouse (45 Regent Street).

Mid-Stream is an experimental space for MA students to plan / collaborate / make / present / exhibit. 

Now in its 4th year for final and full-time students. All PCA staff and students are welcome.

PCA, Plymouth, UK.


13 Mar 2021

Reflections @ Retro Rabbit Pretoria.

Reflections is a private exhibition to introduce art investors to the new talent being produced by Tshwane University of Technology.


In recent years TUT Alumni has educated students whom have won ABSA  Atelier, SASOL New Signatures, Bag Factory residencies as well as overseas residencies. 

This exhibition shows off the works of promising emerging artists.


Nov 8 - Dec 11 2020

The Eclectic Salon @ The Art Room, Parhurst

We have assembled a wide variety of artworks from a diverse group of artists. Leading the charge are the more established artists who have already carved a name for themselves through years of hard work.

Not only do we have established artists on this exhibition, but we also found some brand new, freshly graduated students to participate in their first physical showing in a commercial gallery.

In Limbo poster.jpg

19 June - 1 July 2020

In Limbo with Trent Gallery

in Limbo.
art in the time of uncertainty

in Limbo is a group show of 21 artists grappling with their own creativity and processes during a time of uncertainty and waiting. These past months have been both hugely inspiring and debilitating. Artists have in turn, relished the opportunity provided by the enforced isolation and the deep silence, and conversely had to confront their anxiety about retreating behind the small screens of their cellphones and computers. Our futures hang in the balance as we try to cling to the everyday norms that once gave us comfort. We sit in a kind of limbo as we wait to be returned to either a normal state of being or to a world we no longer recognize.

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